Doubling down on horror. Tzipi Hotovely justifies the RAF’s unquestionably criminal bombing of Dresden in ww2 en route to justifying Israel’s planned genocide in Gaza. She also, completely bizarrely, compares Gaza under Hamas to Nazi Germany.

The most shameful and militarily pointless actions of the UK during WW2 are being recycled to justify more crimes. The fact that Nuremburg, while a benchmark for justice in some senses, was also quite blatantly a victors’ justice, is being cynically exploited to destroy justice altogether.

This the open abandonment of international law. It’s a claim that international law doesn’t matter as long as you win.

Biden-Netanyahu-Sunak are determined on a course of action that is openly genocidal and, even from their own point of view, full of risk. They know that they have no friends in the Middle East, precious few friends outside the US bloc, and are facing widespread domestic opposition. They want to do it anyway. We have to step up the pressure until they stop wanting that. Join the protests on Saturday.

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