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This blog has been offline since October 2021. It went back online yesterday, 12 March 2022. It’s great to see it online again. I feel as though I’m welcoming back into the world an old and valued friend who has been lying in a coma in hospital, and who I have been disgracefully neglecting.

The blog may be a bit wobbly on its feet for a bit, so please be patient if you come across anything that looks a bit dishevelled or doesn’t quite work properly. I’ll try to fix any problems as they emerge, and perhaps also to make some improvements. And I’ll try to post more often. I’ll begin by posting some short things I’ve written over the last couple of weeks since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Feel free to contribute via the comments. To do so you’ll need to register an account (which will be approved manually, so please be patient) or login using your facebook or twitter account. However you log in, your first comments will need to be approved manually, so again please be patient. I hope this doesn’t sound tedious. It has to be better than facebook, doesn’t it?

If commenting, just bear in mind what I’ve said before:

“If you are socialism-averse, or you are thrilled by the sight of military parades, or you worry that Europe is being Islamified, or you fear that your town is about to be swamped by immigrants, or you are fond of locking people up and throwing away the key, or you think Britain’s security services are doing a great job, you probably won’t like this blog. You’d be much happier somewhere else.”

You’ll also be unhappy here if you’re thrilled by the prospect of war with Russia, or if you think it’s a duty that we mustn’t shirk.

Comments along any of those lines are unlikely to be treated kindly. But if that’s not you, you’re welcome.

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